Brand Identity, Typeface Design
Natasha Jen

Introducing 'BODEGA' – a revolutionary reinterpretation of the conventional New York City convenience store. Far beyond its traditional role, BODEGA transforms into a visionary haven tailored for adults, especially those immersed in the creative realm. This innovative concept is designed to be more than just a physical space; it serves as a dynamic kindergarten for the mind, offering a comprehensive brain practice and training program.

The project draws its inspiration from an in-depth study of brain plasticity—the remarkable ability of the nervous system to adapt and reorganize in response to stimuli. Infusing this understanding into the realm of creativity, 'BODEGA' revolves around three pivotal visual keywords: Combination, Connection, and Possibility.

Crafting a Modular Typeface: Unveiling Unique Perspectives

BODEGA's modular typeface is rooted in three fundamental design principles: Combination, Connection & Delivery, and Possibility to Expand. Each letterform offers a multitude of combinations, reflecting the brand's dynamic identity. Inspired by Albert Einstein's insight that "Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought," the typeface encourages innovative thinking. Resonating with the Rubik's Cube, it symbolizes interconnectedness, facilitating clear communication. Moreover, the gaps between modules emulate synaptic transmission between neurons, enhancing readability and engagement. With its adaptability and potential for growth, the typeface embodies creativity and innovation, inviting users to explore new design horizons.