General Dynamics
Brand Identity, Typeface Design, Motion Design 
Natasha Jen

The General Dynamics rebranding project aims to rejuvenate the identity of the aerospace and defense company with a fresh perspective. Central to this effort is the creation of a new slogan, "the trace of the future," which encapsulates the company's commitment to innovation and leadership in advanced technologies.

Drawing inspiration from the juxtaposition of past and future inherent in the slogan, the visual identity revolves around the metaphor of a prism. Much like a prism refracts light to create a spectrum of colors, General Dynamics refracts its goals, values, and portfolios to influence society positively.

Custom Typeface Design

The custom typeface developed for the brand incorporates 45-degree cutting edges, mirroring the design of a prism and symbolizing the company's advanced technological capabilities. This typeface not only reflects the company's high-tech expertise but also contributes to the overall prism-inspired design aesthetic.