Museum of the Moving Image
Brand Identity, Motion Design, Generative Design 
Joseph Han

In the rebranding endeavor for the 'Museum of the Moving Image' (MoMI), the conceptual foundation is rooted in the brand characteristics of 'Sequence,' 'Verisimilitude,' and 'Frame,' encapsulating the duality inherent in individual images, sequences, and the relationship between reality and created reality in videos. This thematic underpinning is articulated through the overarching concept of "Beyond the Frame: Duality," setting the stage for a nuanced exploration of the complexities within the world of moving images.

Expanding beyond the typeface, the design system encompasses an array of diverse image cubes, diverging from a single main image element. This mosaic-like design structure allows for a continuous transformation from one image to another, symbolizing MoMI's multifaceted nature and deep historical roots. Each image cube forms a unique piece, collectively representing the museum's rich tapestry of diversity and its profound history.

This extension of the design system invites visitors to move beyond simplistic image conveyance, delving into the beauty of mosaics and the various facets of MoMI's experience. The custom typeface becomes a tactile expression of the brand characteristics, while the mosaic design system reflects the museum's intricate and dynamic identity.

Custom Kinetic Typeface 

A pivotal aspect of the rebranding is the creation of a bespoke typeface that transcends traditional boundaries. This custom typeface seamlessly blends perfection and imperfection within fragments, becoming a tangible representation of the intentional choices and beauty within imperfections found in sequences and frames. It serves not only as a functional element but as a visual metaphor for the meticulous artistry present in the realm of moving images.