PUSH Festival
Brand Identity, Typeface Design, Motion Design 
Joseph Han

The PUSH International Performing Arts Festival is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange, held on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish First Nations. My mission is to provide a transformative stage for a diverse range of live performances, including theatre, dance, multimedia, music, and circus acts while fostering collaboration, experimentation, and connection within the artistic community.

The brand identity is characterized by three key elements: Unceded Territories, Expansion & Intersection, and Cultural Resonance. These principles guide my approach to programming, community engagement, and visual communication, ensuring that the festival remains rooted in its location and committed to inclusivity and diversity.

Custom Variable Typeface

In line with the theme of 'Echoes,' which signifies resonance, reverberation, and lingering effects, the custom typeface combines graphic features inspired by Coast Salish artifacts with the modernity of the 'Neue Montreal' typeface. This unique fusion reflects my dedication to honoring indigenous heritage while embracing contemporary artistic expression. Additionally, the typeface incorporates distinctive features such as Triangle Crossbars, Details of Counter, Spiked Corners, and Inktraps, enhancing its visual appeal and versatility.

Generative Typographic Elements

Furthermore, the design system includes kinetic typographic elements that dynamically respond to the movement of performances, echoing the energy and rhythm of the live shows. Modules are arranged based on the paths of each letter's outline, creating interactive typography that reflects the essence of 'Echoes on the Unceded Territories' and 'Echoes of Movement.' These graphic elements harmonize with performer photography or custom typefaces, seamlessly integrating into various applications.