Urban Outfitters 
Brand Identity, Campaign, Motion Design 
Joseph Han

This project aims to revitalize Urban Outfitters by developing a new brand identity and visual system that injects fresh energy and inspiration. The goal is to restore the brand's cultural relevance and re-engage with a younger audience, addressing challenges in sales since 2018.

The concept of ‘The magical wardrobe' symbolizes the unexpected world that unfolds when opening the wardrobe door. This is visually conveyed through typographic movement and spatial arrangement. Furthermore, this releases the limits of 2D images into a 3D space, symbolizing Urban Outfitters' new dynamic brand direction.

Spatial typographic layout &
Dynamic transform animation

Typography is mapped onto the surface of one flat face and folded in a three-dimensional direction, showcasing a more dynamic and unexpected magical moments.

Folding 4 faces with 90 degrees angle to create the cube space 
Tilting folded lines and randomly folded to make dynamic distorting image

The campaign identity introduces the slogan 'From everything to everything else', capturing the diverse essence of Urban Outfitters' product range. This concept transforms product photos into an imaginative collage world, creating a visually engaging narrative. The campaign identity system brings more vibrant gradient colors and incorporates with size-varying of product photos to create a surreal collage world of Urban Outfitters. And for the another way, matching product colors to gradient colors for playful spatial arrangements on the screen not only highlights the diversity of the product range but also brings a visually engaging and dynamic aspect to the campaign.